A Day in the Life


I used to blog all the time.  Then I stopped.

Honestly, I think it’s because I have yet to find a blog-site that I genuinely like as much as I did OD (if that doesn’t show my age lol).  When that shut down I tried several other places but nothing provided the same sense of community that OD did with all the different ways you could connect to other users.  Because in a sense that was what I blogged for.

You don’t blog just because you want to express yourself.  You could write in a private book journal/diary and do that (which I have done and try to continue doing though I don’t do a good job at it).  I’ve found that most bloggers, we do this because we want the connection with complete strangers out in the world who feel the way we do.  It validates us.  It makes us feel less alone.

And yes, we could go out and tell our friends the same thing but that’s different.  Those are the people we’ve chosen, of course they’re going to try to understand anything you tell them.  But they’re already  your brand of weird.

Blogging is finding your brand of weird out there in the world.  Finding the other people, the ones who are strangers, who feel like you do, who share  your interests, your fears, your ideas.

I miss that sense of community.


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