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Of religion and consternation

I usually try to leave religion out of the topics I discuss, primarily because it is a hot-button issue for some people.  For me, it’s usually not.  I’m generally pretty open and easy-going about religious discussions.

That is, so long is no one is trying to convert me.

The odd reality is that I’m currently attending a Christian university for grad school.  That is because they offered my major as online only, something that is hard to come by.

So far, the fact that I attend a Christian school as been a non-issue.  In fact, many of my classes have had only minimal mention of religion at all.  Which is excellent considering I’m studying government and criminal justice.

But the class I’m in now…

Whoo boy.

I’m about to blow up at this class.  It’s a government class and so far 9/10’s of the course has been about Christianity and it’s influence on government policy.

…. I’m sorry.  What?

By the end of this course, I’m supposed to be able to identify and critique government policy….yeah. No.  That’s not happening.  I haven’t learned squat about public policy.  I’ve been too busy choking on the sheer amount of GOD being shoved down my throat.

And I don’t mean in the sense of “relate this topic to Scripture.”  No, we’re talking full on “here’s this entire work I’ve composed on how Biblical principles apply to government it’s a mandatory resource for the next 5 assignments.”

Say what?

I’m half-tempted to email the professor and tell him, in no uncertain terms, I’m agnostic-bordering-on-atheist.  Not that it would help my case much considering how much of my assignments’ grades are resting upon my re-hashing of CHRISTIANITY in government.


But then I’m also instructed (in a presentation) that the idea of separation of church and state is actually a Christian idea.  Um, ok?  I really don’t care where the idea came from given that you’re making me learn government policy through the very CHRISTIAN lens of YOUR view.  Not actually the material perhaps that I should be studying, like oh, I don’t know, government policy making?

It’s making me very frustrated.  Me frustrated is not a good thing.

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My Greatest Blessing Calls Me Mom

I am usually well aware of how blessed I am that I have my wonderful daughter.

Many days I feel I don’t deserve her or that I’m failing her.

Today was one of those days.

A flare day.

A day where I hurt so bad that I don’t even want to get out of bed to take care of myself, much less another human being.  But I drag myself out of my bed and make myself do the best I can.

But it’s tiring and I end up paying for it because I push myself.

Today, DD reminded me just how blessed I am.

When I pushed myself so hard that I finally just kind of had to stop and crawl into the spare bed we keep in her playroom and lie down while talking to her and watching her play.  My beautiful little girl started bringing her toys to me so we could keep playing.  Of course the toy she brought me is this giant VTech castle that is bigger than she is so momma had to step in and suggest other (smaller) toys that we could play with on the bed.

Now she’s cozy in her bed and I can hear her little snores now and then through the monitor.

I still hurt all over and feel like absolute dirt.  I feel underappreciated and overworked.  I feel stressed by bills and work and school.  I feel sometimes like we’re never going to get ahead.  We barely have a savings account some months and we’re supposed to be saving for college for her while going to college ourselves.

But I’m blessed.

Today reminded me.

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NaNoWriMo Day 1

Well my goal was to participate in NaNoWriMo this year. So far I’m off to a terrible start.

Work has been ridiculously busy this week and none of us can figure out why.  Don’t say it’s because there was a holiday because Halloween doesn’t usually cause this level of insanity.  Sure, you get the teen hecklers, a couple DUI but this has been non-stop crazy since Friday! And I’ve worked 4 of those days so I would know.  Currently working on day 5.  I’m kinda tired (can’t imagine why, maybe it’s the 42 hour week I’ve already worked with 8 1/2 hours left).

So I’m struggling to get homework done in the evenings after DD goes to bed.  I’m staying up later and getting a lot less sleep, like 5 hours or less.  Last night was the first night I think I’ve slept 6 hours.  I’m still tired.  Pretty sure I’m getting dark circles under my eyes lately.  Tomorrow I may get to sleep a little later, not a lot though because I’ll be watching DD and she has a doctor appointment in the morning.  But I’m aiming for Saturday and Sunday getting to sleep in because hubby will be off so he’ll be getting up with her.

Anyway! I went to write last night and totally blanked.  The internet was down too so I couldn’t get anything done online, no research or shows or games. 

It was tough.  So I’ll try to make up my day 1 with double the words tonight (if I can stay awake to do it).

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Busy bees and aphids

Life has been ridiculously hectic lately and “hobbies” like blogging have had to take a backseat to the daily grind.

So to recap:

  • DD dislocated her elbow
  • DD then got Hand, Foot, and Mouth (and we no longer use the local indoor play park, our area had an outbreak of HFM and it was the common denominator)
  • Hubby’s grandmother passed away
  • I did not get my promotion
  • Hubby did not get his promotion
  • I’m still training for the 5k in September
  • I’m still on Lyrica
  • I’m still getting my Masters
  • I got a trainee assigned to me at work

    Other than that, ya know, nbd.

    Oh, and we have an aphid problem.  They are rampant on our crepe myrtle this year.  And of course that means three of them have developed sooty mold as a result.  So I’m taking care of trees in my downtime.  And planning to encourage ladybugs to hang out in my yard next year.

    Plus, planning DD’s 2nd birthday.

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    I found a thing!

    So, in my ongoing quest for answers, I stumbled upon something that I thought rather interesting.  I found the website of a British doctor, Sarah Myhill.  I haven’t looked too far into either her or her practice other than the surface stuff on her webpage.  But one of the little tidbits she’d written hypothesizes that fibromyalgia may be the result of lactic acid, the same lactic acid that builds up on muscles when you work out.

    Now, I can say that yes, my muscles do tend time feel “tired” and sore on a regular basis, like they would when I went for a good jog.  But these days they feel like that just from going up or down stairs or walking across a parking lot!  Now I’m not a size 2, and while my doctor might say in obese I don’t agree.  The problem is that for my height, yes I am overweight.  I’m 4’11” and 190lbs.  But I’m not so out of shape that I should be “feeling the burn” from walking across a parking lot.  And sometimes I don’t.  It also doesn’t explain the joint aches.

    Coming back to Dr. Myhill’s theory; I found it quite intriguing and not impossible.  I plan on taking a copy in to my next appointment because it talks about testing vitamin levels that I know haven’t been tested.  But in top of that, I’m going to start doing more to address lactate acid build up, like drinking more water and a few vitamin supplements.  I’m already doing the work out more part.

    This does look like something to research more about.

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    Being pale: an exposé

    As a member of the pigmentally challenged sector, I have been exposed to hardships that others never think of.

    Dressing: While this seems silly, being pale makes it hard to dress.  Black makes me look goth, pale colors make me look washed out, bright colors can make me look like I should be going to a rave.  Pair the pale skin with dark hair and it just gets even more weird.

    Sun: I may not be a red-head (naturally) but I still burn like one.  And freckle.  Seriously.  I have three settings: ghost, lobster, and dalmatian.  None of them are flattering.

    Which brings us to the worst offender…make-up.

    Yes, make-up.  “Oh but you have wonderful skin…You’re freckles are so cute…you probably won’t wrinkle as fast.”  Yes, I’ve heard all three of these and more.  All three, bogus.

    Yes, my skin is in excellent condition. That has nothing to do with being pale and everything to do with skincare.  Simple as that.  

    Freckles look stupid when you put foundation on over them.  You can still see them but they look washed out (except with some powders or pressed powders).

    I still have wrinkles, in all the usual places as women my age.  Calling them laugh lines is being nice about.

    And the make-up out there! 

    Highlighting? Forget it.  They don’t make ultra white.  Even shimmer highlighter is useless.  You don’t get paler than white ergo, you can’t highlight pale.

    Black eyeliner?  See above goth comment.

    Blush: either too pale and barely shows up or I start looking like I got too much sun.

    Foundation: is vampire a shade?  It should be.  Seriously, I wear the second palest shade that Maybelline makes in their Fit Me! collection.  If I want a better match I have to shell out something like $25-$40!  Still doesn’t fix that whole highlighting thing.  And liquid foundation is not a freckle’s best friend.  That whole funny washed out freckle thing looks really weird.

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    So before I got pregnant (and subsequently my world imploded and exploded at the same time), I was a runner.  I was slower than a herd of turtles in peanut butter, but I was a runner.  My best was a 12 minute mile and I was working on intervals and trying to train to start running 5Ks.  And yes, I know you can continue to run while your pregnant, my doctor even assured me of it.

    Until I started fainting and falling and they started worrying about my heart.

    After that I was too scared to go running since I always went by myself.  Granted I ran around our (at the time) neighborhood so I wasn’t exactly isolated but I also wasn’t guaranteed to be able to get help if I needed it right away.  I wasn’t comfortable so I stopped although I had every intention of starting back up once my daughter was born.

    But then I started having mental health issues and health issues and everything went to hell.

    But I know stress is a serious factor in fibro flares and God knows I am way too stressed.  Between work and family drama, a crippled support system, and a busy 19 month old, I’m on a hair trigger some days, especially if I’m having a flare.

    But running was my zen.  I never thought I’d be a runner (and I’m still a herd of turtles) but there it is.  But it was always something I did by myself.  Not that I hated having someone else with me but I did and still do prefer to be by myself.  It gives me a chance to think or not think, to focus on just the run and forget all the crap in my life.

    Trying to get back into with a kid, especially now that all of my doctors are on me about being active and staying active and losing weight, has been hard.  Hubby is not a runner by any stretch.  So if I’m home by myself with DD and dog, it’s a marathon by itself trying to get us all out the door, on the leash, in the stroller, house locked up, etc.  I end up not because it’s too exhausting.  And the many times I’ve suggested to Hubby “hey, let’s take a family walk” and the few times he’s agreed, we end up having speed bumps all day and not getting our walk.

    But I’m too stressed.  I think my anxiety is starting back up and I really can’t afford that.  I’m not having panic attacks like I used to but I’m grinding my teeth.  At first I think it was just at night (I’d wake and my teeth would be sore or feel kind of loose in their sockets almost) but then I started catching myself grinding my teeth while I was awake.  I have a night guard now but it doesn’t do much for me during the day when I can’t wear it.  (I could but I think it would interfere with the whole radio/phone thing at work.)  Since I don’t want to end up on anxiety meds again, I decided it was time to take back a bit of control of my life, in a healthy way (yes I had unhealthy ways of doing it when I was younger so I make the clarification; see depression and anxiety references.)

    Last night after my shift I got my butt onto a treadmill and ran, really ran, for the first time since I got pregnant (almost 3 years ago, that’s crazy to think about!)  It was a 20 minute mile but it was a mile.  My legs felt like rubber, my heart was hammering, my lungs were burning.

    I FELT GREAT!  I still feel great today.  I’m not even that sore!  But it was time for me and it showed me that I can get back to where I was, healthwise and weightwise (a 30 lb drop, ugh!)

    Of course I’m sitting here staring at homework and wanting to throw myself off of a bridge because I clearly picked the wrong school to do my masters with but oh well.  Gotta do what I gotta do.  They were my only option for being completely online and still being able to get my degree.

    Buckle down. #beastmode