Conversations at work #1

Preface:  The SNL40 commercial is on the TV

Andy:  I think they just showed Bill Murray’s name twice.  That’d be a good joke…(I look at him confused) Because he did that movie Groundhog’s Day.

A few minutes later…

Andy: Why is the date grayed on the calendar?

Me:  …because it’s a holiday…

Andy:  which one?

Me:  (“Are you serious?” look)  Groundhog’s day…

Andy:  Oh man, no way.  I totally didn’t realize that.  And I just made that joke and didn’t even know.  Mind blown.

Yup that’s my co-worker.

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So much has happened.  My little girl is a month old now.  Seriously, isn’t that crazy?

It might be the sleep deprivation talking but I have realized lately that I’m kind of awesome.  I have dealt with more stress probably in the last year than your “average” person.  Consider:

Exhibit A: I got married.  Mind you, I didn’t end up planning this.  In fact the stress of trying to plan the wedding in my budget had me in tears almost nightly so I gave up and decided we were just going to the court to get married.  Yup, I nixed my own wedding.  Then some amazing friends conspired to give me a wedding.  Was it the big budget Cinderella wedding every little girl dreams about?  No.  It was a hundred times better!  All because of the thought and caring that went into giving me a special day that I thought I was going to have to skip.

Exhibit B: Husband and I bought a house and moved.  This is a stressful life event and anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is probably a realtor trying to sell you a dump. 

Exhibit C:  We had a baby!  For crying out loud that is a year-long stress party right there!  Hormones, morning sickness, weight gain, swelling, discomfort, the loss of mobility and your favorite foods all in one really long, drawn-out horror fest.  Ugh!

Now…squish all that stress into 6 months (yes that means I was pregnant while getting married and buying a house), throw in working full-time, the usual personal stress with friends and family, financial stress.  You get the idea.  I think I deserve some credit for a) not harming/killing anyone in the last 6 months (ok some people got their feelings hurt but really, that’s not so bad in comparison) and b) not ending up on a psychologist’s couch.

Instead I will just pat myself on the back, tell myself “Atta girl,” and keep doing my best.  Because that’s all anyone can do.

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A Novel Romance Collection

I’m not normally a big “makeup” girl.  I do wear it and I own way too much of it but I’m not a branded makeup girl.  I don’t usually wear brands like NAKED or MAC or Bare Minerals or fancy-schmancy stuff like that.  I’m ok with most of my drugstore cosmetics, even when I go shopping at ULTA (yes I shop at ULTA and have a rewards membership, for all the good it does me).  

But I came across something today that almost makes me want to be a brand-makeup girl.

New MAC Collection

It’s new from MAC Cosmetics and the whole line is called A Novel Romance.  It’s got pieces of everything, from lipstick to blush to polish.  And names like “The Wrong Man”, “Evil Twin”, and “Dance in the Dark”.  I mean come on!!!  That stuff is great!  I would spend my whole day giggling if I knew my eyeliner was called “Evil Twin” or that my eyeshadow was “Fall in Lust”.  I think I’d probably walk around making come-hither eyes at people just to be a goof!

And the promo pics!! *dies*  These guys were going all-out to capture the collection theme.  I just start giggling, seriously, just giggling to death over here.  I mean, look at them!!

fall2014_macanovelromance002 fall2014_macanovelromance003

Even the makeup itself is on the fun!

fall2014_macanovelromance005 fall2014_macanovelromance006


And yet this is a great ad scheme!  I’m ready to go out and buy the darn stuff because I’m so amused by it!  It’s stupid and way over my budget but it’s so awesomely, stupidly funny that I want it!!  I actually just looked to see if ULTA sells this crap just so I could get my paws on it! (They don’t.  Sadly my closest retailer is about 20 minutes away.  Will be further away once we’ve moved into the house!)  Granted the collection doesn’t release until the 14th but I was really curious to go to a retailer and look at the products in person since I’ve never used MAC or known anyone that did.

Ah well.  Still out of my budget so it’s just as well.  All the same, this will continue to make me giggle in the meanwhile.