Sharing spaces

A man, a dog, and a bed.   And somewhere I’m trying to wiggle out a spot for me.  A queen bed seems to shrink disproportionally when you put a dog in it.   I thought it was tough just trying to share covers with my husband.   Now with Zig in the bed… Well, let’s just say a 12lb dog shouldn’t take up as much room as Zig seems to.

And I can’t even be mad at him for it.

He likes to sleep on my legs.  Not just by my legs, no literally, on them.  Usually it’s just his head resting on my knee or something.  But it makes it hard to get comfortable, especially for me these days.  And I can’t help feeling a little bad when I finally get fed up of tossing and turning, attempting to dislodge my dog-barnacle with just squirming around in my sleep and I finally move him which prompts him to give me this big-eyed look as if to say “Are you mad at me?  Do you not love me?”

He does not give this look to my husband, let me make that clear.  If Nick kicks him off his legs (in his sleep, it is never on purpose, it’s just from him rolling over which is the same thing I try to do and that he ignores!), Zig does this little huff and then gets up, walks to his pillow at the foot of the bed and goes right back to sleep.   There is no sad look for Nick.  There is the huff of “Fine, forget you too!”  He loves my husband; that is not the issue.  He is equally excited for both of us when we get home.  We both feed him and walk him and play with him.  The dismissal only happens at night in bed when we’re going to sleep.

Zig just prefers to sleep on my side, on my legs, and if I move he moves with me.  If I try to make him go to his pillow, he will wait for me to roll around and get situated then there’s the jingle of his collar and he’s back on my legs, stretched out to his full 3 feet length, legs out too for added space consumption.  No amount of rolling in my sleep gets me the huff of dismissal and freedom for my legs.  Rolling does nothing but mean Zig rearranges himself.

I know. “Put him in a bed on the floor.”  He has a bed on the floor.  He hates it and will almost never use it… Ever.  Plus there is the fact that there is actually plenty of room on our bed for the dog, if the dog would stop attaching to my legs!  And Zig knows this and will sit beside the bed staring at you (sometimes making a pathetic soft “wuff” at you) until you let him back in the bed.  If you’re too slow he will attempt to get up himself.  It ends in a flurry of desperate scratching and then a thud.  He has stairs but they aren’t quite tall enough and if they aren’t in the right spot for him to get momentum for the extra jump up he can’t use them.  So he usually ends up stuck.  So he sleeps in the bed.

And I have a very attached dog and no room left.