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Music I am currently listening to…

The TV in the station is down today.  And the center is eerily quiet without the TV.  You never realize the near constant noise of life until it suddenly stops…

So I’m listening to Pandora (a rarity believe me, I much prefer Spotify but I can’t download that to work PC and the WiFi here is spotty so don’t want to use up my mobile data using it on my phone).

So I’m rocking to showtunes.  Yay for Broadway!

WickedHamiltonLes MisChicago, even The Music Man has come across.  I like it.  Only problem is it distracts me more than the TV did.  The instrumentals don’t as much so I might kick over to the Game soundtracks station I have.  We’ll see.  I like my Broadway so I’m OK for now.


A Day in the Life


What is your favorite thing to drink?

I’m not supposed to say this, especially given how everyone and their cousin rides me about my health, but it’s Mountain Dew.  Specifically the Baja Blast which is from Taco Bell.  Like seriously.

When that stuff hit the general market we stocked up.  No lie.  One time Hubby picked up about 10 12-packs of the stuff in one trip.  Because it’s only out seasonally in the markets and otherwise we have to go to Taco Bell and if we go to Taco Bell we’re really likely going to get food.  But sometimes we go get food and then order an extra drink with no ice and save it.  Because it’s my favorite.  Hands-down.

The last 2 times I went to get it they goofed both times.  The first time they gave me Sierra Mist (OK I get the sound goof) but the second time it was mostly soda water.  Of course I was already a couple miles down the road and on a deadline so I couldn’t turn around.  I was pretty upset.


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Who last called you on the phone?

I just got off the phone with Hubby.  He has been working on his internship for his Master’s and went in this morning for his mentor-guy (whatever you call them) to pull him aside and ask him “Did you put in your application for such-and-such position?”  Hubby is like “No, I didn’t want that app to get confused with my internship stuff.”  So the guy (whose name I’ve been told but I can’t recall right now, it’s like Chris or something) replies “OK, we’re going to go ahead and get you in the interviews today and you can submit your application online later.”

Of course Hubby is like “WTF?  Let’s do this!”  It would be a paycut but it’s local so no commute, he’d be home more, plus holidays and they get more consistent raises since they’re government sponsored (like merit and COLA *cough cough*).  So there’s that.  No commute, steady raises, reasonable hours, no hassle if we get snowed in, holidays off.

I told him to go kick some a**.

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The movie that most reminds you of your childhood.

Easy, Labyrinth.

David Bowie in classic 80’s rock hair and tights and singing?  Hell yeah!

Plus Henson muppetry?  No contest!

I’ve loved this movie since I saw it as a kid.  No matter what I do or where I go, a copy of this movie has come with me.  I’ve tried introducing it to DD but she’s too goldfish to sit for any movie yet.  She does stop and watch some of the muppetry parts of it (because she’s my kid and loves all things Henson-related).

I know every word of every song and every line.  The other day I actually was setting an alarm for work and it said “This alarm will go off in 9 hours and 23 minutes” and I turned it into “In 9 hours and 23 minutes you’ll be mine” (which is a line in the movie said by Bowie).

Since the big anniversary fell in the same timeframe, unfortunately, as Bowie’s death, there has been a lot of Labyrinth merchandise available that normally isn’t.  So for Christmas this year, my mom got me all the Funko Pop figures  (except one of the Jareth’s) and a little Ludo plushie.  Plus we got the extended blu-ray with the little book.  I was a happy geek.

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Update Rant

I lied.  I said I would probably update tomorrow as part of my 365 Project but I’m gonna do it today instead.

So what’s been happening with us?

Me:  My Lyrica dose was upped.  I’m still on what’s considered a low-dose (100mg) because the dose can go up to 500mg/daily.  I was also advised and placed placed on an ibuprofen regimen, at least one tablet/capsule daily.  Which is not hard considering I still end up taking ibuprofen every other day to begin with.  This just started the week of Christmas so still a bit early to say if it’s helping.  I’m also working more on “me”.  I picked out a new skincare regimen because I was starting to have really consistent breakouts and skin-bumps (those little red irritated bumps that aren’t acne).  So now I’m on a full-blown Philosophy system.  I have the Purity One-Step and Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash, plus a little facial scrubby brush.  I also have the Renewed Hope in a Jar (both for eye and face).  So far my skin is doing much better.  I don’t use the exfoliating wash often since I have sensitive skin, I have used it about once a week (on week 3 now).  But I’ve seen faster healing on blemishes that do appear and blemishes are as big on top of the clearing up faster.  So that’s pretty good.  Plus the esthetician told me to expect a light breakout when I started using the scrubby brush because apparently everyone has one when they switch to the brush.    I also bought all new make-up but I’ll discuss that another time because this has already turned into a ridiculously long paragraph about me.

DD: We started the PEID program right before Christmas.  Our goals are to get her to be more vocally expressive.  She doesn’t talk much and doesn’t have nearly as many words that she uses compared to other kids her age and is no wear close to sentences (which is what she’s supposed to be starting with at 2).  She will grab you and drag you to what she wants.  Or she’ll skip the adults entirely and go do it herself (her problem-solving skills are an outlier for her age, she’s months ahead).  So we’re working on it.  Oh, and she dislocated her elbow again.

Hubby: Here’s the big one.  Back in late October, Hubby had a CT scan because he’s been having severe migraines for most of the year.  We finally got the results back in the first week of December.  They found an arachnoid cyst near his cerebellum.  Now, a lot of researching has yielded that these are usually benign, often are found while being tested for other things, and sometimes are present even from birth.  They usually show no signs or symptoms and are often just left alone.  But!  Hubby has a migraine that he has had since December 17.  Still.  He has been on Imitrex (and finished it in a week), has been to the ER for possible meningitis, and has been basically bed-ridden for the last week.  He has an appointment with a neurologist on January 9th and hopefully we’ll figure something out, maybe putting him on a migraine prevention regimen like I was on years ago for my chronic headaches (prior to fibro diagnosis and prior to pregnancy–the hormones seemed to have assisted with this as the frequency of my migraines/headaches has decreased, although the severity is still up there).  We ended up in the ER when he started having neck stiffness and heaviness/tingling in his limbs.  Added to that was the fever he’d run several days prior and his PCP wanted to rule out the possibility of viral meningitis (don’t get me started on the hospital trip because that was a nightmare!)

So that’s part of what’s been keeping me busy because I’ve been working 40+ hours a week and then coming home to take care of everyone and the animals and the house (all of the house since Hubby usually is no help these days).  I finished my fall session of classes with A’s so a straight 4.0.  Brought my GPA to 3.5 overall so I was very happy about that.  Spring session starts in 2 weeks on the 16th.  Hopefully I can keep this grades thing going.  I was mad that I got my bachelor’s with only a 3.2 considering I’d managed to keep a 3.8 through my AAS and the first year of my BS.  Stupid O. Chem.  The only saving grace is that I wasn’t the only one whose GPA dropped thanks to that class.  Considering that the school came down on the professor and made him curve the second half of the course so that more than 2/3 of the class didn’t fail…yeah.  All four of those classes were ree-donk-u-lous! (Yes four, 2 lectures and 2 labs all taught by the same guy and all 4 pulled my grades down.  It still irks me how weird he graded things like half the material we were tested on wasn’t even covered in class, we were expected to learn it from the textbooks on our own!)


A Day in the Life


Starting a 365 journal plan.  With my mother in law.  In the hopes that writing will help me stay sane and also get back some of my creativity.

What is your number one goal this year?

I don’t have a goal persé.  Although I guess you could say this is my goal.  Journaling.  And keeping up with it every day.  Because clearly, I’m bad at that part.

But this isn’t my only goal and I’m not even sure if you’d consider it my number 1 when ranking in importance.  I guess in that case I don’t have a number 1 goal.  I have lots of little goals but they all rank equally as important.

  1. Journal daily
  2. Get back into running (because I’ve been slacking off with everything going on)
  3. Pay off some of our debt/increase our savings account
  4. Get new appliances for our kitchen
  5. Start planning our Disney trip
  6. Get answers for Hubby’s health
  7. Get DD to be more effectively expressive/talking (working with our local PEID program on that one)
  8. Work on myself (health- & beauty-wise, as well as stress levels)
  9. Get back to cooking at home instead of ordering in or going out to eat

So getting back to journaling, I guess you could consider that goal #1 for the moment (Since I’ll likely be writing about all the other goals too).  I have several prompts saved on Pinterest so that I have my choice of what to write about if I have nothing going on to write about (which happens of course).

I think tomorrow I won’t need a real prompt as I’ll likely be venting about a couple of the things on my goals list which are partly why I didn’t write any entries between November and now.  (i.e., goals 6 & 7).

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Scarlet Heart Ryeo

We all have that one thing that is our guilty pleasure, the thing we love but most people don’t really understand so they look at us funny or that we are too embarrassed to tell any living soul that we love it.  I have a couple.  Not that I’m super embarrassed about them, but they definitely fall under the ‘I don’t get it’ category when I explain it to others.

One, is otome (dating simulation games).  I could go on and on about these but I won’t (another entry maybe, another time).

The other is K-pop/dramas.  Korean shows, who knew?  I mean, it makes perfect sense when added with all my other Asian-influenced loves.  But I mean, ridiculously, I love these shows.

The one I was pretty much obsessed with for the last few months was Scarlet Heart Ryeo.  This is actually a re-make of a series that originally aired in China (This series also titled Scarlet Heart is based on “Bu Bu Jing Xin”, a historical novel based on Chinese history).  A historical drama set in ancient Goryeo (simplified version: modern day Korea), Scarlet Heart Ryeo tells the story of Hae Soo, or rather Go Ha Jin living as Hae Soo.  Ha Jin is tranported back through time from present day and ‘replaces’ Hae Soo, a court lady to her sick cousin who happens to be wife to one of the Goryeo princes.

***Caution: Spoilers below!***

As Soo, she ends up falling in love with her cousin’s husband, Prince Wook.  Her cousin however is dying and asks for Wook to take care of Soo (having been re-animated as Soo, Ha Jin is not exactly the same court lady she was before, possessing all of her modern memories and none of Soo’s, e.g., written language, court formalities, etc.  This leads to trouble along the way).  In the meantime, Prince So has returned from another province and Ha Jin recognizes him as a future ruler of Goryeo who is known for being a bloodthirsty king.

As Soo, Ha Jin treats everyone equally, including the several princes that live in the palace and that she interacts with.  As per cliche rules, this makes several fall in love with her.

After much angst, several deaths, a couple bouts of torture, and 2 rebellions, Hae Soo ends up in love with and the lover of So, who has become the king of Goryeo.  However, due to the strain of torture and the constant stress of living in the palace, she has developed a heart failure.  In the end, Soo ends up dying.  Ha Jin wakes up in the present day.  We find out that she had apparently been in a coma for a year (presumably while she was living out Hae Soo’s life in ancient Goryeo) and has no memory now from Soo’s life except flashes in her dreams, from which she often wakes up crying for a reason she can’t understand.

She does eventually get her memories as Soo back which leads her to feel guilt and heartbreak over ‘abandoning’ So, something she’d promised not to do.

While the series apparently ends there, my personal hope/feeling, is that they left it open to possibly continue into a second season.  The ending, while similar to the original Chinese incarnation of the series, does not end with quite the same cliffhanger.  In the original Scarlet Heart the apparent reincarnation of the ‘true love’ interest appears and is recognized by the protagonist.  However in Scarlet Heart Ryeo the ‘true love’ interest is only shown in the past sense of himself with no ‘reincarnation’ shown although his determination to find Soo is announced, even if she is from ‘another world’ as he’s been told.

Now apparently the original Scarlet Heart did get a sequel.  Based on the summation, I don’t know that I want Scarlet Heart Ryeo to have that sequel.  I’d like to have a second season, but I think I’d like it to deviate a bit.  Granted, it would still probably end up running on a cliche.

I’d read other reviews where people said they just couldn’t like IU, the actress who played Ha Jin/Soo but I liked her.  Certainly I didn’t feel like her acting was flat or detracted from the show (which was the most frequent complaint against her).  My husband would always make fun of me because he’d come home and I’d be holding my tablet, sobbing like the dog had just died.  The show had several ups and downs and since I wasn’t familiar at all with the Chinese one (which I was aware of about 3 episodes in but purposefully did not look at prior to finishing the entire series), I was constantly left waiting for the next episode, clutching my tablet and cursing.  I have to say my favorite characters were easily Soon Deok (actress: Z. Hera), Baek Ha (actor: Nam Joo Hyuk) and Jung (actor: Ji Soo).  (Seriously though, Jung was my fave but shhhhhh!)  Overall, I felt the cast was quite strong, no character felt ‘flat’ to me as any character who got a name (essentially this was only those directly involved in the plot, very few background characters got names), also had a backstory and a personality.  For instance, Soo ends up being betrayed by someone who she had come to consider not only a friend but like a sister.  The betrayal isn’t just left there, it’s explained and the reasons behind it explored and compared to Soo’s own situation (turns out Soo was betrayed for the sake of her friend’s love).

Scarlet Heart Ryeo is only available in the U.S. on Dramafever (app available on iTunes and Google Play) and currently has a user rating of 4.7/5, a rating that I highly agree with.