Planner Happy


On the subject of the matter of planning…

I’m constantly trying to stay organized.  Like, OCD-level constant.  Because between my work schedule, my husband’s work schedule, his doctors, my doctors, DD’s doctors, training for me (I’m an instructor at work), internship hours for Hubby, bill schedules, school dates and assignments (yay Masters!), etc……

Yeah….I’m crazy busy now that I see all that…because that’s not all the stuff I track even.

So I’m getting a new planner, going with a personal set up with a WO2P (which I think I talked about in last post).  Well, my planner inserts came in today while I’ve been at work and I’m sadly really excited to work on it tomorrow.  I have pretty pens and some washi tape and some scheduling stickers like for bills and appointments and such.  I ordered a pretty little planner kit too to go with the new layout so I’m hoping to hold out but I suspect it’s gonna be a few more days (not sure if tomorrow is considered a holiday for mail delivery), in which case I may just get some of the basic stuff in for the next week or so, such as homework assignments and work schedules.

*le sigh* I’m really trying to get organized this year.  I guess you could say that was my NYR but it wasn’t really.  It’s more of a constantly running goal that I never quite get to unfortunately.  The same thing goes with de-cluttering and cleaning my house (which I realize is nigh impossible when I work 40+ hours/week with a toddler).

A Day in the Life


I’m apparently very bad about this whole posting thing.  Partly, lots going on. Partly, not a habit anymore.

I used to be an avid blogger all through college but fell out of it when I started working full-time.  

Now, I’m kind of ridiculously busy. School started again, still no answers with Hubby, DD still sees her speech therapist.  Hubby also starred his internship. Plus both of us working.

I’m also in the process of getting a new planner set up. My old one still has months left in it but it’s bulky and not a set up I like now that I’ve used it for awhile.  Plus I’m constantly having to pop the pages back in properly.  The new one is a personal size 6 ring.  I ordered a bunch of new stickers (that I didn’t actually need but I wanted) and a sew much crafting Wo2P format off Etsy.

A Day in the Life


Music I am currently listening to…

The TV in the station is down today.  And the center is eerily quiet without the TV.  You never realize the near constant noise of life until it suddenly stops…

So I’m listening to Pandora (a rarity believe me, I much prefer Spotify but I can’t download that to work PC and the WiFi here is spotty so don’t want to use up my mobile data using it on my phone).

So I’m rocking to showtunes.  Yay for Broadway!

WickedHamiltonLes MisChicago, even The Music Man has come across.  I like it.  Only problem is it distracts me more than the TV did.  The instrumentals don’t as much so I might kick over to the Game soundtracks station I have.  We’ll see.  I like my Broadway so I’m OK for now.


A Day in the Life


What is your favorite thing to drink?

I’m not supposed to say this, especially given how everyone and their cousin rides me about my health, but it’s Mountain Dew.  Specifically the Baja Blast which is from Taco Bell.  Like seriously.

When that stuff hit the general market we stocked up.  No lie.  One time Hubby picked up about 10 12-packs of the stuff in one trip.  Because it’s only out seasonally in the markets and otherwise we have to go to Taco Bell and if we go to Taco Bell we’re really likely going to get food.  But sometimes we go get food and then order an extra drink with no ice and save it.  Because it’s my favorite.  Hands-down.

The last 2 times I went to get it they goofed both times.  The first time they gave me Sierra Mist (OK I get the sound goof) but the second time it was mostly soda water.  Of course I was already a couple miles down the road and on a deadline so I couldn’t turn around.  I was pretty upset.


A Day in the Life


Who last called you on the phone?

I just got off the phone with Hubby.  He has been working on his internship for his Master’s and went in this morning for his mentor-guy (whatever you call them) to pull him aside and ask him “Did you put in your application for such-and-such position?”  Hubby is like “No, I didn’t want that app to get confused with my internship stuff.”  So the guy (whose name I’ve been told but I can’t recall right now, it’s like Chris or something) replies “OK, we’re going to go ahead and get you in the interviews today and you can submit your application online later.”

Of course Hubby is like “WTF?  Let’s do this!”  It would be a paycut but it’s local so no commute, he’d be home more, plus holidays and they get more consistent raises since they’re government sponsored (like merit and COLA *cough cough*).  So there’s that.  No commute, steady raises, reasonable hours, no hassle if we get snowed in, holidays off.

I told him to go kick some a**.

A Day in the Life


The movie that most reminds you of your childhood.

Easy, Labyrinth.

David Bowie in classic 80’s rock hair and tights and singing?  Hell yeah!

Plus Henson muppetry?  No contest!

I’ve loved this movie since I saw it as a kid.  No matter what I do or where I go, a copy of this movie has come with me.  I’ve tried introducing it to DD but she’s too goldfish to sit for any movie yet.  She does stop and watch some of the muppetry parts of it (because she’s my kid and loves all things Henson-related).

I know every word of every song and every line.  The other day I actually was setting an alarm for work and it said “This alarm will go off in 9 hours and 23 minutes” and I turned it into “In 9 hours and 23 minutes you’ll be mine” (which is a line in the movie said by Bowie).

Since the big anniversary fell in the same timeframe, unfortunately, as Bowie’s death, there has been a lot of Labyrinth merchandise available that normally isn’t.  So for Christmas this year, my mom got me all the Funko Pop figures  (except one of the Jareth’s) and a little Ludo plushie.  Plus we got the extended blu-ray with the little book.  I was a happy geek.

A Day in the Life


Starting a 365 journal plan.  With my mother in law.  In the hopes that writing will help me stay sane and also get back some of my creativity.

What is your number one goal this year?

I don’t have a goal persé.  Although I guess you could say this is my goal.  Journaling.  And keeping up with it every day.  Because clearly, I’m bad at that part.

But this isn’t my only goal and I’m not even sure if you’d consider it my number 1 when ranking in importance.  I guess in that case I don’t have a number 1 goal.  I have lots of little goals but they all rank equally as important.

  1. Journal daily
  2. Get back into running (because I’ve been slacking off with everything going on)
  3. Pay off some of our debt/increase our savings account
  4. Get new appliances for our kitchen
  5. Start planning our Disney trip
  6. Get answers for Hubby’s health
  7. Get DD to be more effectively expressive/talking (working with our local PEID program on that one)
  8. Work on myself (health- & beauty-wise, as well as stress levels)
  9. Get back to cooking at home instead of ordering in or going out to eat

So getting back to journaling, I guess you could consider that goal #1 for the moment (Since I’ll likely be writing about all the other goals too).  I have several prompts saved on Pinterest so that I have my choice of what to write about if I have nothing going on to write about (which happens of course).

I think tomorrow I won’t need a real prompt as I’ll likely be venting about a couple of the things on my goals list which are partly why I didn’t write any entries between November and now.  (i.e., goals 6 & 7).