Planner Happy


On the subject of the matter of planning…

I’m constantly trying to stay organized.  Like, OCD-level constant.  Because between my work schedule, my husband’s work schedule, his doctors, my doctors, DD’s doctors, training for me (I’m an instructor at work), internship hours for Hubby, bill schedules, school dates and assignments (yay Masters!), etc……

Yeah….I’m crazy busy now that I see all that…because that’s not all the stuff I track even.

So I’m getting a new planner, going with a personal set up with a WO2P (which I think I talked about in last post).  Well, my planner inserts came in today while I’ve been at work and I’m sadly really excited to work on it tomorrow.  I have pretty pens and some washi tape and some scheduling stickers like for bills and appointments and such.  I ordered a pretty little planner kit too to go with the new layout so I’m hoping to hold out but I suspect it’s gonna be a few more days (not sure if tomorrow is considered a holiday for mail delivery), in which case I may just get some of the basic stuff in for the next week or so, such as homework assignments and work schedules.

*le sigh* I’m really trying to get organized this year.  I guess you could say that was my NYR but it wasn’t really.  It’s more of a constantly running goal that I never quite get to unfortunately.  The same thing goes with de-cluttering and cleaning my house (which I realize is nigh impossible when I work 40+ hours/week with a toddler).

A Day in the Life


I’m apparently very bad about this whole posting thing.  Partly, lots going on. Partly, not a habit anymore.

I used to be an avid blogger all through college but fell out of it when I started working full-time.  

Now, I’m kind of ridiculously busy. School started again, still no answers with Hubby, DD still sees her speech therapist.  Hubby also starred his internship. Plus both of us working.

I’m also in the process of getting a new planner set up. My old one still has months left in it but it’s bulky and not a set up I like now that I’ve used it for awhile.  Plus I’m constantly having to pop the pages back in properly.  The new one is a personal size 6 ring.  I ordered a bunch of new stickers (that I didn’t actually need but I wanted) and a sew much crafting Wo2P format off Etsy.

Being A Grown Up

Busy bees and aphids

Life has been ridiculously hectic lately and “hobbies” like blogging have had to take a backseat to the daily grind.

So to recap:

  • DD dislocated her elbow
  • DD then got Hand, Foot, and Mouth (and we no longer use the local indoor play park, our area had an outbreak of HFM and it was the common denominator)
  • Hubby’s grandmother passed away
  • I did not get my promotion
  • Hubby did not get his promotion
  • I’m still training for the 5k in September
  • I’m still on Lyrica
  • I’m still getting my Masters
  • I got a trainee assigned to me at work

    Other than that, ya know, nbd.

    Oh, and we have an aphid problem.  They are rampant on our crepe myrtle this year.  And of course that means three of them have developed sooty mold as a result.  So I’m taking care of trees in my downtime.  And planning to encourage ladybugs to hang out in my yard next year.

    Plus, planning DD’s 2nd birthday.